Connect with our local chapter:
Meet the HDSA Greater New York Board

Without our in-person events the past year, we want to provide additional ways to stay connected. Introducing our new series – Meet the Board! As board members, we are volunteers who are passionate about each other, our community and finding a cure for HD! We will be taking turns sharing more information about ourselves, like how we got involved in HDSA and some fun facts!
Starting off with our fearless Co-President, Theresa Spelman!
How long have you been a board member? I joined the board in 2010 so it has been 11 great years!

What do you love most about being on the board?  I love a lot of things about being on the board but for me it’s mostly the people who I cherish the most.  I cannot imagine a world that didn’t include them in it.  We have been through the trenches together, whether it has been walking for a cure at one of our many Team Hope walks or partnering with Columbia COE.  We won’t rest until we find a cure and we are in this together. I feel honored that I get to spend my time with them.  

What is your favorite event that we've hosted for HDSA? Too many to name!  But I especially love our Celebration of Hope because it is an event that my sister and I have built and run for many years together.        

Tell us a fun fact about yourself! I love 80s music—so you can count on me for that portion of trivia night. 

How did you get involved in HDSA?  When I first signed up to volunteer on the board I had no idea how much this small and mighty group would impact my life.  I got involved 10+ yrs ago because my step-father had been diagnosed with HD and we had no idea where or how he got it. My sister is at risk so I’m fighting like hell to raise awareness and find a cure for her and for the rest of the HD community. 

Is there anything you'd like to say or advice you have for our HDSA Community?     We will find a cure!  There is Hope!  We are here for you so please reach out and let us know what and how we can help.  

If you were an NYC neighborhood, which one would you be? Queens baby, we keep it real!

What do you do for work? I am a data nerd, but really I consult with fortune 500 brands as a VP of Brand Partnerships at a global market research company.  

What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?  I love to cook and travel.  I was fortunate enough to combine both at a class in Italy where I learned how to make pasta from an authentic Nonna at someone’s home in Rome.